Indo-Pacific Region.

The Indo-Pacific Region.

        • The Indo-Pacific region divides into 3 subdivisions.

          • They are Central Indo-pacific and Eastern Indo-pacific and Western Indo pacific.

            • The term Indo-Pacific combines the Indian Ocean Region and the Western Pacific Region(WP) inclusive of the contiguous sea of East Asia and Southeast Asia – into a singular construct.

          The Indo-Pacific. Sometimes known as the Indo-West Pacific or Indo-Pacific, Asia is a biographic region of Earth’s seas comprising the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the Western and central Pacific Ocean, and the seas connecting the two in the general area of Indonesia.

          It does not include the temperate and polar regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans, nor the tropical eastern Pacific along the Pacific. Cost of the Americas, which is also a distinct marine realm.

          The term is especially useful in marine biology. It’s theology and similar fields, since many marine habitats are continuously connected from Madagascar to Japan and Oceania, and several species occur over that range but are not found in the Atlantic Ocean.

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              • At least 38 countries are in the Indo-Pacific region.

                • It occupies 44% area of the world’s surface area.

                  • It consists of 62% of the world’s GDP.

                    • It consists of 46% of the world’s merchandise trade.

                  The idea has gained eminence in recent times due to:

                      • The increasing geopolitical connection between the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific in both the Geoeconomics.

                        • Eastward shift of the world’s economy Centre of gravity towards the Asian continent.

                          • The growing eminence of India.

                            • Politico-military aggressiveness of China.

                          Asia Pacific and Its region:

                          The term may include Countries in the Americas which are on the coast of the eastern Pacific Ocean; the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation. For example, Includes Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru And the United States.

                          Alternately. The term sometimes comprises all of Asia, Australia, and Pacific island nations. ( Asia Pacific and the Australian continent.)

                          Western Asia and Central Asia are rarely included.

                          The Indo-Pacific strategy of the United States:


                              • Advance a free and open Indo-Pacific.

                                • Build connections within and beyond the region.

                                  • Drive regional prosperity.

                                    • Bolster Indo-Pacific security.

                                      • Build regional resilience to transnational threats.

                                    Strategic ends: Advance a free and open Indo-Pacific that is more connected, prosperous, secure and resilient.

                                    Strategic ways: Strengthen our role and build collective capacity with allies, partners, and regional institutions.

                                    Strategic means: Modernised alliances, flexible partnership. Including an empowered Asian. a leading India. A strong and reliable quad and an. Engaged Europe. Economic partnership. New US defence, diplomatic, development and foreign assistant resources sustained focus on and commitment to the region to all levels of the US government.

                                    Why do Russia and China adhere to the Asia Pacific and opposed Indo-Pacific?

                                    Quad is an informal strategic dialogue of like-minded democracies. Covering the Indian and Pacific oceans. It comprises the US, Japan, India and Australia. Quad is perceived to be a symbiotically linked military alliance formed to contain China.

                                    Moscow and Beijing have criticised the advancement of the Indo-Pacific strategy. Claiming that the American side is using it to contain its main geopolitical Rivals.

                                    President Donald Trump presented his vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific as his country’s strategy towards Asia during a visit to the continent in November 2017.

                                    This can lead to generating market access among Asian nations. Can transform into manufacturing nations, eliminating China. The interest of us and Europe in the region will be processed.

                                    The advantages of Indo Pacific region – Better investment markets, and cheap labour. Resourceful democracies, huge populations, better markets, and Dominance over China and Russia.

                                    The Region by the numbers.

                                        • Population: Over half the world’s people, including 58% of youths.

                                          • Economy: 60% of global GDP.

                                            • Growth: 2/3 of global economic growth.

                                              • Geography: 65% of the world’s oceans and 25% of its land.

                                                • China’s growing influence in a strategically important area of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

                                                  • The South China Sea is rich in the source(Easy Bucket for both Russia and China.)

                                                    • Russia and China aspirant to dominate the region and shift the unipolar Power system.

                                                      • Expansionist policies and aspirations of both.

                                                    Russia and China perceive scale Geo economics visions: Belt and road. for china the Eurasian integration and the greater Eurasia for Russia.

                                                    Russia and China have to accommodate their perception of the Indo-Pacific strategy. Not only to their Geopolitical views but also to their Geoeconomic activities in Eurasia.

                                                    The South China Sea’s huge oil and natural gas reserves can replace Russia in Europe as the biggest exporter of natural gas Rout – Straight from Malacca to the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

                                                    Russia’s poise to maintain strategic deterrence domination of the airspace and seas around the Disputed Kuril islands and defence of the land border with China.

                                                    Chabahar Port Project.

                                                    The Chabahar port project in Iran can mitigate the importance of the Chinese Gwadar Port in Pakistan. Gwadar Port is in Baluchistan region.

                                                    Indo, Pacific nations and quad nations. Easy access to the Gulf of Oman. (Nearer to Chabahar).

                                                    Asia can ask for joint exploration and utilization of natural resources and a freeze on making artificial islands and their militarization.

                                                    China’s artificial islands could also be used by Russia to dominate the region.

                                                    India’s recent logistic agreement with France, just like the one with the US, allows it. To access France’s military bases across the Indo-Pacific.

                                                    India and Indonesia are considering the development of a port at Sabang close to the Malacca Strait, after the Indonesian Minister for Maritime Affairs offered the port to India for military use. China was quick to warn India against the militarization of the port.

                                                    The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are strategically important. These islands are nearer Malacca ka states providing an excellent location for tracking China’s submarine activities.

                                                    India’s role In Indo-Pacific Region.

                                                    Russia and China ties could be harmful as the farmer is a friend and later a strategic enemy.

                                                    Maintain regional stability.

                                                    National security.

                                                    Need for open and secure seas and skies, freedom of navigation and rules-based order.

                                                    More engagement with Indo-Pacific nations for South China Sea resource extraction and counter OPEC nations.

                                                    Market to Asian nations.

                                                    Expand tourism.

                                                    China doesn’t let small nations like Vietnam, extract resources from the South China Sea as it’s a small nation(Drown their sea vessels.),India Being a giant can do and share resources.


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